Unlicensed/Experienced Rider (RRBRCu)

          **** Must be 18****

motorbike on the road riding. having fun



  This class also provides the waiver for your endorsement. 

 An approximately 90 minute online course is required for this class. After registering for the class, we will email you a code for the online course, making the (19.95 value) free to you. The online course must be completed before attending the class. 


 Know the basics of how to ride? Making the leap from dirt to street? Are you returning to motorcycling after an extended absence? The Returning Rider (RRBRCu) may be the perfect course for you. We provide the motorcycle!

       This accelerated license waiver course is NOT available for beginners or riders under 18. 

Students who register for the RRBRCu are expected to already possess basic motorcycle control skills.

  After a brief familiarization with our training motorcycles, riders MUST demonstrate sufficient skill in shifting (1st & 2nd gear), braking and stopping, and also perform a control skills exercise (offset weaves with clutch control) with proficiency to be allowed to continue.  Students unable to perform basic control skills will be counseled out of RRBRCu and advised to register for the Basic Rider Course for the full price. 

  This is a one day course that complements a rider's basic skills and helps with personal risk assessment. It includes a fast-paced classroom segment with several interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Range exercised enhance both basic skills and crash avoidance skills. Improving braking and cornering, finesse is emphasized.  

  Even if you were a good rider back in the day, traffic patterns have changed and motorcycles have evolved.  For example, technology has bestowed better handling, less weight, and more power within each engine displacement category. 

     Class also works as a Experienced Rider refresher course.