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MSF Basic Rider Course

Get a discount on your car and motorcycle insurance once you have earned your M endorsement!!!!!

          Learn To Ride                     2 Day Motorcycle Class

No prior Motorcycle experience is required. ( IME is highly recommended though) Waives the written and riding test for your M endorsement.  Earn your  "M"  endorsement in only 2 days. Now required for those 17yrs old and younger.

Anyone planning to ride a motorcycle or scooter should take this course. We provide motorcycles!!!  Minimum age is 14 yrs old.  Your Scooter or motorcycle (less then 500cc) is welcome,(at your own risk)                     Required Gear... You MUST Have...

LONG PANTS (prefer jeans-no holes)




DOT HELMET (prefer 3/4 or full face)

 Protective eye wear.

(loaner helmets/gloves available)

Willingness to learn and a positive attitude.

Ability to ride a bicycle.              Class size limited to 8 students . 

  Not sure if you are ready to ride, or want a slower intro to a motorcycle,  take our Introductory Motorcycle Experience class first . 

Are you motorcycle curious?  ( IME )

Basic Motorcycle Care

 Introductory Motorcycle Experience.


Start here if you've never ridden, or want a head start on the BRC Course.

A 2 hr , get to know or try out a motorcycle course. While not designed to teach how to ride, it will help you decide if pursuing more training is for you.

 Will also work as a pre course for those taking the BRC.

 It should help with the basic controls and feel of a motorcycle. Required Gear...You must have..

 Long pants,Long Sleeves,full fingered gloves ,sturdy, over the ankle footwear, DOT helmet and eye protection required. Loaner helmets/gloves available.

Class size limited to 3 per class.

A 2 hr , hands on ,walk through of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's T-CLOCS pre-ride inspection. 

 Designed to help you ensure your bike is ready to ride. 

 Helpful information on what to look for, where to look and how to do basic care of a motorcycle.

  Bring your bike or use one of ours. 

 No riding required. 

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