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Good to Know


       We do not provide lunch.  Lunch hour is 11am to 12pm both days.


What happens if I'm late?

  Class starts at 8am!!! We have reserved a spot in the class for you, starting late isn't an option. Your options are to reserve another spot in another class and pay full price for it or forfeit your class entirely. No refunds 


When I’m done with the class do I get my  endorsement?

 Upon successful completion you will be given a completion card to take to the DPS/DMV Service Oklahoma, there complete a vision test, then go to tag for your endorsement.                        14 to 16 years old,

What do I need to wear in class?

 Please wear full fingered gloves, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, pants (denim), over the ankle footwear, and eye protection (glasses or sunglasses are fine).  If you have a helmet and gloves you may bring it, if not we have some available to borrow. (read Required Gear)

How does the class work?

 Saturday and Sunday we start riding motorcycles after introductions.   Occasionally this schedule changes according to weather.

What happens in bad weather?

 Hey, you’re a biker now, we ride in everything. Well, mostly everything.  If it’s raining, or there are snow flurries, we ride.  If there is a foot of snow on the ground, we’ll reschedule class as a last resort.

What if I have trouble reading the test?

 We understand, simply tell your instructor and we’ll arrange to read the test to you.

What if  can’t attend on my scheduled weekend?

 Please call and let us know well in advance of the morning of class.  We will work with you as much as possible, however a $50.00 rescheduling fee will apply. (read Cancellations and Refunds)

Is there a minimum age to take the Basic Rider Class?

 No minimum age, however, under 18 must have parent sign waivers. A copy of your driver's license or birth certificate required.  

Do I need to have/bring my motorcycle?

 No, we provide the training motorcycles. We do not provide lunch. 

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